Lot 33131 – 1871-80 “Escuelas” Issues: Attractive specialised

Lot 33131 – 1871-80 “Escuelas” Issues: Attractive specialised
Price realised
1’400 EUR
800 – 1’200 EUR
Auction date
Sat 22 Sep 2012 at 11:00 (UTC)
1871-80 “Escuelas” Issues: Attractive specialised collection of the these interesting classic issues neatly mounted on sixteen Scott album or stock pages, showing unused & used, with printings & overprint varieties, shades, multiples, cancels, covers, with all of the different printings present & numerous postal cancels, viewing is essential, a wonderful assembly, an excellent basis for study & expansion (250+ items & five covers/cards) (Est. € 800/1’200)

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