Middle East & Levant

3 lots
Lot 8032A
Austria » Offices in the Turkish Empire
VARNA (BULGARIA): 1872 Cover front to Genova franked 1867 3s, 5s & 15s, tied by VARNA 12/7 thimble cancel, attractive 3-colour franking, very fine & rare
Estimate: 200 EUR
Lot 8034
1865-1902, Small lot of three folded covers from Rustschuk, Salonicco & registered cover from Sofia, plus cover front with 1867 3-colour franking with…
Estimate: 400 EUR
Lot 8123
Turkey » Ship Mail
SHIPPING COMPANIES OF THE LEVANT: 1859 Admiralty stamp on front to Brusa paying the 2pi rate, large margins all around, boxed P.P./Anchor (type 2) in black…
Estimate: 1’000 EUR