Middle East & Levant

3 lots
Lot 8065
1958 Fayçal II 2f, 5f, 10f, 25f, 30f, 50f, 100f and 200f values in unissued colours, mint nh, very fine, cert. Vachat
Estimate: 100 EUR
Lot 8066
1967 Flood Relief, collection of 27 different stamps with surcharge handstamp (both types present), mint og, incl. some non-issued, very fine, cert. Vachat
Estimate: 40 EUR
Lot 8067
1958 Officials 1f to 50f set of 10 in mint nh pairs, very fine (SG £92, with 3f, 8f & 50f uncatalogued as they were prepared but not used)
Estimate: 30 EUR