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QUASI OFFICIAL MERCHANTS POST: 1871 Incoming 10k postal stationery envelope (1863 issue) sent to the Border Commissar at Kyakhta on the Siberia / Mongolia border for transmission to a member of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission at Peking, placed on Postal Wagon No.11-12 (Kiev-Nizhnii-Novgorod), then taken by Merchants’ Post across Mongolia to Peking, received 10.8.71 (ms note) Note: The Russian Merchants’ (or Mongolian) Post was a private enterprise under the protection of the Russian Government initiated in 1865, about 10 years before the official Russian Post was established in Mongolia and China. A charge for its service was levied on incoming mail, payable by the recipient. From January 1872 such mail received the standard “Doplatit” (to pay) hs.
半官方商人邮政:1871年10戈比邮资进口封(1863年发行),寄至西伯利亚/蒙古边界的恰克图的边界委员转寄至北京的俄国教会成员,放于邮车第11-12卡,再交由商人邮局经蒙古至北京,手写1871.8.10到达,由BPB认证(2004年) 备注:1865年,俄国商人邮政为俄国政府辖下受保护的私人企业,长达十年,直至俄政府在蒙古及中国成立邮政局,其服务为收取进口邮件,由收件人支付费用,由1872年1月起,此类邮件皆盖”Doplatit”(付款)戳作标准
Estimate 1’800 – 2’400 EUR
Auction date Wed 12 Dec 2012 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for EUR 3800

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