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13’000 EUR
4’000 – 5’000 EUR
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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
HANKOW: 1903 Cover registered from Hankow to England, franked with China “KITAI” 3k (2) and 7k (2) and tied by the Hankow “I.P.O” hs (T&S type H-3), with Chinese 22.6.03 cds (Tchil. H-2) and boxed registration hs adjacent, sent to Shanghai where it was transferred to the Russian P.O., re-registered (label on reverse) and the stamps further cancelled by Shanghai cds type 1), with Port Arthur and London bs. The only known example of I.P.O. markings on Russian stamps. Note: Illustrated in “Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad” p.362 by T&S Provenance: ex Major Hopkins
汉口:1903年挂号封由汉口至英国,贴俄国客邮3及7戈比各两枚,销汉口I.P.O骑缝戳(T&S H-3型),另销汉口圆戳(1903.6.22)及长方形挂号戳,又至上海俄国客邮,再贴挂号标签及销上海汉英戳(Tchil.1型),亦见销阿瑟港及伦敦戳 此为俄国票销I.P.O骑缝戳孤品 备注:记载于”俄国邮票在海外使用纪录”页362 源流:Major Hopkins