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Russia » Russia Post in China
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Price realised
1’300 EUR
800 – 1’200 EUR
Auction date
Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
CHEFOO: 1914 Cover sent insured for 7R20k to Petrograd, franked on the reverse with “KITAI” 15k (2) tied by Chefoo 3.10.14 cds (T&S type 3A, Julian calendar), obverse with Chefoo 16.10.14 cds (T&S type 3B, Gregorian calendar) along with red “valeur declarée” label and white insured label, reverse with central large wax seal showing Imperial Eagle and “Insured Despatch / Chefoo Russian Post Office” plus four wax seals with inscription “Chefoo Russian Post Office / Private Despatch,” sent via the Japanese P.O. at Chefoo and St. Petersburg, stamps cut at foot upon opening, a rare and attractive cover with these labels and wax seals.
烟台:1914年保险封含7.2卢布寄彼得格勒,背贴俄国客邮15戈比两枚销烟台圆戳(1914.10.16)(T&S 3A,儒略历),面销烟台圆戳(10.16)(T&S 3B,公历),另销红色”价值声明”及白色保险标签,背有大型封蜡展示皇室鹰图及”保险通讯/烟台俄国客邮”,其它四枚封蜡展示”烟台俄国客邮/私人通讯”,经烟台日本客邮,及销圣彼得堡戳,罕见贴此类标签及封蜡的邮封 Add “stamps cut at foot upon opening”