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1’800 EUR
1’800 – 2’400 EUR
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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
CHEFOO: 1903 Large part cover to England endorsed “via Port Arthur & St. Petersburg,” franked with China 1/2c Dragon in block of six cancelled by LIU KUNG TAU / WEI HAI WEI” cds in black, sent via Chefoo where it was transferred to the Russian P.O. and franked with “KITAI” 10k pair tied by Chefoo cds (T&S type 1), Birkenhead bs, minor soiling, a rare mixed country franking. Note: By 1903 the Trans-Siberian Railway was fully functional and reduced the transit time to London from about 40 days to 25 days. Until November 1903, British mail was not accepted on the route. Mail from the Wei Hai Wei colony had to be sent via the Chinese P.O. to Chefoo before being handed over to the Russian P.O. Provenance: ex Charles Goodwyn
烟台:1903年,寄英国封,手写”经阿瑟港及圣彼得堡”贴蟠龙半分六方联销威海卫圆戳,又贴俄国客邮10戈比双联销俄国客邮戳,及烟台圆戳(T&S 1型),亦见销Birkenhead戳,微污,罕有的混贴封 备注:于1903年,经西伯利亚铁路寄信至伦敦由40天减至25天,但之后英国邮件不被此邮路接受,来自威海卫的邮件需经客邮至烟台再经俄国客邮转送 源流:Charles Goodwyn