Lot 20067
Russia » Russia Post in China
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Price realised
850 EUR
500 – 800 EUR
Auction date
Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
SHANGHAI: 1917 Cover to Edrova (Novrogod) redirected to Polna (Petrograd), with “KITAI” 10k tied by Shanghai 17.3.17 cds (T&S type 8A), opened and resealed by censor at Shanghai with stamp selvedge and boxed “Opened/ By Military Censor / In Shanghai” cachet (Speeckaert type 4), signed Holcombe.
上海:1917年,寄Polna(彼得格勒)封,贴俄国客邮10戈比销上海圆戳(1917.3.17)(T&S 8A型),经上海邮检打开及封好,销”打开/军事邮检/上海”戳(Speeckaert 4型),由Holcombe认证