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Price realised
1’200 EUR
800 – 1’200 EUR
Auction date
Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
SHANGHAI: 1901 Cover addressed in Farsi and English registered to Bukhara (in modern day Uzbekistan), with Arms 10k and “KITAI” 5k tied by Shanghai 15.01.01 cds (T&S type 2), reverse with “I.R.P.O. / Shanghai, China” registered label, Granitsa cds and Transcaspian Railway TPO Postal Wagon No.205 (Charjuy-Tashkent), a scarce route, mixed franking
上海:1901年,挂号封寄布哈拉(今称乌兹别克),以波期文及英文书写地址,贴俄国票10戈比及俄国客邮5戈比,销上海圆戳(1901.01.15)(T&S2型),背销 “I.R.P.O. / Shanghai, China”挂号标签,亦见销Granitsa圆戳,经西伯利亚铁路邮车第205号令(Charjuy-塔什干),少见的邮路及混贴封