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50’000 EUR
40’000 – 60’000 EUR
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Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
PEKING: 1880 (Jan 4) Cover from Peking to Germany with 1875 8k tied by Cyrillic “PEKIN’ / 4 JAN 1880” hs, sent through Mongolia to Kyakhta, then via St. Petersburg (transit further tying stamp) to Wiesbaden, this being the earliest of the three known covers with this cancel and the only one with an adhesive. Note: Illustrated in “Signet” Jan-Mar 1989 p.79
北京:1880年1月4日,由北京寄德国封,贴8戈比票销”Pekin北京/1880.1.4″戳,经蒙古至恰克图,再经由圣彼得堡至威斯巴登,此封为最早期的使用此戳纪录及孤品 备注:记载于”Signet”1989年1-3月号,第79页