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Russia » Russia Post in China
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3’800 EUR
400 – 600 EUR
Auction date
Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 13:00 (Europe/Zurich)
TIENTSIN: 1915 Cover from the Commandant of the French Occupation Corps in China to France, franked on the reverse with two Romanov 4k and “KITAI” 3k, tied by Tientsin 6.11.15 cds (T&S type 6), opened and resealed by censor in Petrograd, Vincennes arrival, an exceptional use of the Romanov issue
天津:1915年寄法国封,由法国占领军指挥官寄出,贴两枚罗曼诺夫戈比及俄国客邮3戈比,销天津圆戳(1915.11.6)(T&S 6型),被彼得格勒邮检打开及封好,销塞纳-马恩省到达戳,为出色的罗曼诺夫使用纪录