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Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Sweden. 1872 (May 29). Envelope with contents from Uggelbo to Altona, franked by 1858-72 12o and 30o, tied by dispatch cds’s, carried at single rate via Hamburg with corresponding ds on back, where it received the notation „3 2/12“ sgr for Swedish and Danish fees, red „Franco“ straight-line and, also tying the 12o, framed „1 2/3 W.F.“ (unrecorded by Van der Linden, who nevertheless records a similar framed type featuring the 2 3/4 rate), the Hapag „Hammonia II“ being involved in its carriage; cert. Obermüller Wilén (2006); (Facit SEK 22’000).

Katalogreferenz: Facit 9d3, 11g – Michel 9, 11