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Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

India. 1862 (June 21). Entire letter from Calcutta to Boston, with framed red „INDIA/PAID“ hs and franked by 1855 8a and 1856-64 1/2a, 1a & 4a, tied by duplex hs on dispatch (1861 year in error), paying the 8 annas carriage to France and 5 1/2a from U.K. to the U.S., equal to „1/7“ pence notation in red and „London/Paid“ cds, red „16/CENTS“ U.S. credit marking, black Boston 5c due cds on arrival, carried by the Peninsular & oriental „Bengal“ to Suez, involving the Allan Line „Jura“ from Londonderry to Quebec; an attractive and scarce four-colour franking.

Katalogreferenz: S.G. 36, 37, 39, 45