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Austria. 1859 (Jan 18). Cover from Nagy Kanisa (in modern day Hungary) to Boston, franked by 1858 type I 2kr, 5kr and 15kr pair and two singles, being 1kr overpaid for the 65kr rate comprising 11kr inland fee and including 54kr for the foreign portion of the journey, all tied by dispatch cds’s, carried via Vienna (bs), obverse struck with red „AACHEN/PAID25Cts.“ and „Boston 30 Br. PKt.“ cds’s, conveyed by the Cunard SS „America“ from Liverpool to final destination, with crossed notation denoting no fees to be paid on receipt; stamps with faults at top, still though a very rare franking on transatlantic mail in this early period, which has been nevertheless described in the certificate by Ferchenbauer as a „sehr schönes Stück!“ (very fine item); cert. Ferchenbauer (1984).

Katalogreferenz: Michel 10I, 13I, 15I