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1871 (Sept 4) Cover „Via Brindisi“ to Lyon, bearing 1863 10c three examples, 20c pair and 30c vertical pair, tied by „5118“ lozenges with superb „YOKOHAMA/BAU FRANÇAIS“ cds in blue, red transit of marseilles and arrival on reverse, addressee’s name panel restored and one 10c defective at top right, of no significance for this spectacular and unique combination franking to make up the unusual and higher 1fr30c rate via Brindisi by British packet, including a rare usage of the ‚Empire Laureated‘ 10c denomination, further enhanced by the scarce combination of black-blue colours of the postmarks on dispatch; cert. Behr (2000), signed Calves.

Katalogreferenz: Yvert Y&T 28B, 29, 30