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South Africa » Cape of Good Hope
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1807ca.-40s, Collection of pre-stamp postal history incl. two 2nd British Occupation oval medallion PO hs on two internal covers, two covers with crowned „POST OFFICE / CAPE TOWN / GENERAL“ ds, two covers with oval „POST OFFICE / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE“ ds, two covers with crowned „GENERAL POST OFFICE / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE“ oval ds, district post office crown hs incl. Bathurst, Kowie, Simon’s Town, Uitenhagen, Tulbagh, Caledon and Craddock, two with „POST PAID“ hs, one with „PRE PAID“, one with crowned „POST OFFICE GENERAL / CAPE TOWN FREE“ crowned ds and double oval „GENERAL POST OFFICE / CAPE TOWN“ with central crown on cover to Ireland, the majority of strikes fine to very fine, a lovely collection (20).