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Mauritius » 1848-59 Post Paid Issue » Earliest Impressions (SG 3-5)
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1848-49 Post Paid 2d. blue, position 11, wide to very large margins, neatly tied by bars cancel to folded entire letter to Bordeaux, endorsed ‚p. Bougainville‘ with ‚MAURITIUS/JU19.1849/GPO‘ crown cds and red Fresh entry through Spain alongside, rated ‚3‘ decides, Lisbon transit and Bordeaux bs, an attempt was made to tear the stamp from the cover, and this has been reinforced with hinges, a very rare stamp on cover and a key item for the connoisseur, ex Alfred Caspary (Feb 1858), Vikram Chand and „Tatiana“, signed Enzo Diena, certs. Holcombe (1994, photo of the front missing) and Brandon (2007).

Katalogreferenz: SG 5