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Egypt » Egyptian Post Offices Abroad » Consular Offices » Smirne (Turkey)
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Schätzung: 4’000 – 7’000 EUR
Auktionsdatum: Mon 14 Jun 2021 at 14:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Auktion: 2021 Spring Auction Series
Katalog: Egypt – Chalhoub Part 4
Verkauft für EUR 4’000

1866 2 pi. Yellow tied POST VICE-REALI EGIZIANE/SMIRNE/13.OTT.66 cds on large fragment in combination with Turkish Local 20pa pink tied by GALATA oval, 2 pi. with corner defect, an extremely rare usage which combines Egypt & Turkish Local Posts, possibly unique & an important showpiece, plus an unused selection of Turkish Locals with three singles and a 10pa corner marginal block of twenty

Provenance: Antonini

Expertise: Signed Sorani

500.040.004: Egypt. The Classic Issues. 1866 First issues (SG 1-7)