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1914-45, Remarkable and very extensive Swiss Soldier Stamps collection housed in 20 albums, showing a very high degree of completion and great strength when it comes to proofs, imperforates, various printing stages and varieties including rare shades and printing errors, many tête-bêche pairs.

Better items noted in the smaller but nevertheless noteworthy World War I section incl. 1st division Mountain Rgt tête-bêche, plus some imperforate singles, 3rd division Füs.Kp.38, printing stages of Geb. Jnf. Bat. 40, also other printing stages of different 4th division units including Inf. Br. 10, Inf. Rgt. 19, Inf. Rgt. 20, also good air-force section including block of six of the Flieger-Abteilung with pre-cancel (ex Sulser collection), also 1913 Donation set in block of 12. (Wittwer caCHF25’000+)

World War II being the major section of this collection is astonishing. Extensive section of various Kommandostab units showing in many cases the different printing stages and imperforates, then Artillery units incl. scarce Savatan 1939 overprint, printing stages of Landsturm Cannon Company 12, then extensive Baker units, pigeon mail units including some better tête-bêche pairs, Fieldpost 18 with much proof and printers‘ waste material, air-force section including the VERY RARE Armeeflugpark #8, then also the rare Fl. Kp 14 airs, also air defense „Wir schützen den General“ min.sheet, also noted good Transmission troops with rare imperforates, border troops with much printing stages sequences, good telegraphs‘ section, one album for cyclist troops incl. rare Cp. Mot. 10 three blocks of four, signed and dated by Noel Fontanet, extensive territorial troops, „no units“ section incl. good General Guisan min.sheet, extensive Infantry with numerous tête-bêche pairs, printing stages, Territorial troops with much imperforate material, Cavalry with some also better imperforate items, Provision units with much specialisation including printing stages, also other units showing a great deal of completion, a wonderful lot.

Includes one album showing a worldwide selection of labels. Several items originating form the well-known Heinrich Sulser collection