Los 60092 – 1878-1937 Wonderful and valuable postal history exhibition

Los 60092 – 1878-1937 Wonderful and valuable postal history exhibition
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Do. 6 Jun 2019 at 18:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1878-1937 Wonderful and valuable postal history exhibition collection neatly mounted, beautifully illustrated and knowledgeably written up on 122 album pages, showing strength in the 1878-1920 Russia Offices, 1909-1921 Chinese Offices and 1924-1937 early Mongolia Issue.

Each section describe as follows:

Russian Offices: 1878-1920 Sixteen pages showing sixteen covers, mostly red-band native envelopes from Urga with an array of different cancels, including both single 7 kopek and double 14k rates, registered usages. Many of the covers were carried by camel through the Gobi Desert and on to Kalgan in China.

Chinese Offices: 1909-1921 Thirteen pages showing sixteen covers, mostly red-band native envelopes, with an array of different rates including 4c, 6c, 8c, 9c, 12c, 15c and mostly franked with the Chinese Junk Issue. Some covers showing Urga Central Letter Box No. 2, Urga Letter Box cancels with West Urga Letter Box No. 3, Urga Letter Box No. 4 (only five recorded by Hellrigl), plus the very rare „Urga Censor Handstamp“ (only three recorded by Hellrigl).

Mongolian Issues: 1924-1937 Ninety-one pages showing a wealth of postal history, issued sets mint, with varieties and a fine array of used with useful town cancels, postal history includes 75 covers with a fine array of different issues some with varieties including inverted surcharge, frankings with in particular 1 Tuhrik pair on commercial cover being extremely rare, mixed franking with China Junk Issues and or Chinese Postage dues, from a range of different towns: Altanbulak, Jabholanto, Mandal, Ulanbator, Uliasutai, etc., many red band native covers, rare internal uses, registered usages including some very rare registered labels, and a few postal cards one of which is very rare. In addition array of eight colour proofs mounted on card from the 1932 issue.

Plus a fine array of books and auction catalogues to help the student understand the fascinating subject of Mongolian Postal History with in particular the reference work being „The Postal History of Mongolia“ by Hellrigl

An excellent basis for study and expansion from a Gold Medal collection into a Large Gold medal winning exhibit

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