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Egypt » 1867-69 Penasson
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Three-Country Combination Franking

1871 (Mar 4) Envelope from Cairo to Switzerland, with Egypt 1pi red tied Cairo cds, sent via Alexandria where Italy 20c and 80c were tied by Alexandria cds and/or „234“ dotted numeral cancels, addressed to an interned French soldier at Schaffhausen. It was re-addressed first to Chambery and then to Versailles, and further franked on reverse with Feb. 1871 „Gratis.“ label tied by Winterthur cds (18 III 71). Opened for display, the cover shows a large variety of transits and unrecorded italic script „Dopo La Partenza“ hs. Considered the most spectacular and important „Gratis.“ cover in existence.

Expertise: Signed and certificate von der Weid (2001) and cert. Bach & Eichele which states, „An exceptional mixed franking and combination cover“ 

Estimate: € 5’000 – € 8’000