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GERMANY: 1910-74, Collection of German Football Clubs and the National Teams (Germany, West & East), starting with early vignettes (8) of FK Nürnberg, TV Munchen, Frankfurter FC and South German Football Association, plus 1910 Frankfurt International Sports Exhibition vignette on card from Frankfurt during the event, 1912 used photo postcard of Hannover FC, three 1920s football club printed envelopes, then German Reich preiod incl. 1936 Germany vs Italy postcard, special cancels plus two items signed by the Italian goalkeeper Olivieri, 1937 Cup Final postmark on postal stationery card, Hertha Berlin 25th Anniversary cancel on card, 1938 Germany vs England pc’s, special cancel on commemorative card, card signed by England player Stanley Matthews, 1943 POW card sent to the Secretary of the Army Referees Assoc. asking for a referee chart as he was refereeing at least one match per week, special cards, cancels and postcards for Germany vs Aston Villa, 1938 Breslau, 1938 Germany vs Poland and Germany matches onwards until 1956 (with printed env. signed by Billy Wright), then West Germany incl. three 1972 items signed by many of the team, etc., a fabulous lot for the German football enthusiast