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1954 WORLD CUP: Collection written up in 2 albums incl. Swiss Football and Athletics Association printed cover with World Cup slogan machine frank, card with Switzerland World Cup 40c block of four signed below by the designer Hans Schwarzenbach, FDCs, maxi cards (2), Swiss Air publicity vignettes, 1/8 round ticket with stub for Uruguay vs Czechoslovakia, Jose Santamria signed cover, PTT booklet signed Puskas, used 1/8 round ticket for Hungary vs West Germany, card signed by the England team, 1/8 round ticket for Uruguay vs England, pc and world Cup printed envelope sent express to Iceland both signed by referee Arthur Ellis, official cancels on covers/cards on days of the matches, 1954 „Fussball-Weltmeister“ West Germany card with printed signatures of the team, 3rd/th place playoff used ticket signed by Satamaria, two cards signed by the Scotland team, 1/8 round tickets for Scotland vs Uruguay and Scotland vs Austria, final match ticket used signed by Hans Schaefer, signed cover by Sepp Herberger, cover signed by Hungary team, PTT booklet signed by West Germany team, signed pc’s of Fritz and Ottmar Walter, PTT booklet signed Hans Schaefer, a range of West Germany „World Champions“ postcards, etc., a great lot

Note that the 1954 „Fussball-Weltmeister“ West Germany card illustrated in the catalogue has printed signatures of the team only (it was misdescribed in the printed catalogue as being original signatures)