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1934 WORLD CUP: Collection written up in an album with starting with three official publicity postcards, Italy 1934 mint and used sets, FIRST DAY COVER with 50c, 75c 10+5l and 5+2.5l, official vignette in block of 8 and one tied on postcard, postcard with Mussolini Stadium vignette and signed by the Czech team, usages of the Italy 1934 issue incl. airmail cover signed by the pilot, 1939 invalid usage with 5 stamps, covers, postcards, printed matter, etc., phot postcard of the Romania and Yugoslavia teams form the qualifiers, photo postcard of England playing in the Genoa stadium, many postcards of the stadium, Madric FC team pc, commercial cover with World Cup franking signed by 5 Czech players, Italy Olympic Committee printed envelope, publicity postcard signed by Italian keeper Schiavio, group of miniature postcards of the Italian players, ppc’s of Italians Combi, Monti (signed), Bertolini (signed), Meazza (signed), Schiavio (signed), Monzeglio, Borel II, Orsi, Caligaris (signed), Rosetta (signed), ppc of the Juventus team plus a cover with Juventus vignette tied, Italian Colonies World Cup set mint & used, Colonies airmail set on cover, 50l airmail on cover (signed A. Diena), Egeo mint set, Egeo stamps (7) on cover and three cards, Slavia Prague invitation card signed, letter written by Planicka and signed newspaper cutting, five items signed by Nejedly, letter from Cambal, etc., a fabulous lot