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WORKERS OLYMPIAD: 1921- 31, Collection of „Delnicka“ and „Arbeiter“ Olympiades written up in 3 albums, with 1921 Prague incl. two covers with special roller cancel and stadium cds and 2 PO receipts with stadium cds, official picture pc with roller cancel, official pin badge, 1922 Leipzig with special cds used on postcards sent on the 1st, 2nd and last day of the Games, 3 picture postcards and the official pin badge, 1925 Frankfurt incl official programme, large map with Games legend, official pin badges (3, one silvered), 3 picture postcards, „Olympiade“ magazine from Sep 1924 with advert for the Games, 2 official illustrated cards (one used) and a photocard, 1927 Prague incl. 2 different pin badges and official postcard, 1929 Nuremburg incl. machine cancel on pc, roller cancel on cover and pin badge, 1931 Vienna incl. gold, silver and bronze (2) award pin badges, cds on pc, map with legend, hand illustrated card, 2 vignettes and 3 picture pcs, 1931 Mürzzuschlag Winter Olympiad incl. official pin badge and slogan machine cancel on card, 1934 Prague incl. official pin badges in nickel and bronze, official postal stationery, cancels, ovpts on stamps and vignettes, 1936 Barcelona incl. pins (3), vignettes on cover, 1937 Johannesbad Winter Olympiad pin, and 1937 Anvers pins (2) and vignette, a fantastic lot with items from the little known albeit important sports events