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Olympics » 1944 Cortina d’Ampezzo (Cancelled)
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1936-44, Winter Olympics / FIS collection written up on 17 album pages, incl. 1963 FIS Innsbruck postcard, 1939 FIS cancel on cover, with items relating to the cancelled 1940 Winter Olympics with a couple of brochures and three 1940 Olympics propaganda postcards with 1941 Garmisch Winter Sports cancels, German 1941 „2nd War Ski Championships“ third place presentation booklet, 1939 Cortina Sports slogan cancel on postcard, 1941 Cortina World Championship slogan cancel on pc (2), 1941 World Championships official pc unused, commemorative medal, bronze participation medal, two enamelled badges showing a downhill skier, two circular enamelled badges showing a ski jumper in front of the Earth (one in light blue, one id dark blue) plus the UNIQUE original hand-painted essay for the badge, Olympic Ring pin badge with „CORTINA“, Cortina brochure advertising 1941 Championship & 1944 Olympics (2), one for the 1944 Olympics, a desirable lot for the Winter Games specialist