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Olympics » 1906 Athens
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Tue 4 Jun 2019 at 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)

1906 Athens collection of imperforate stamps and imperf. proofs, incl. 3l single, pair and block of 4, 5l pair, vert. pair, block of 4, block of 6, block of 8 and two used pairs, 10l single, pair (2), vert. pair, block of 4 plus used single (2) and strip of three, 20l pair and used single, 25l pair, 1D single, pair and used vert. pair, proofs with 1l pair and 5l block of four (both under-inked), 2l pair used on piece (ex Parigi), 10l pair (2), then two pages of mis-perfs incl. mint 1D strip of 5 (ex Parigi), 1D on piece which has been separated in two (ex Parigi), etc., plus a mix of stamps incl. range of mint up to 5D, two pre-printing paper fold varieties, „STADION“ cancels on postcard piece, etc., great lot for the specialist