3 Lose
Lot 40498
1857-59 4d Dull Rose, outer frameline touched on two sides, neat barred cancel, trace of small thin, a presentable example of a rare stamp, cert. RPS (1946)…
Schätzung: 400 – 600 GBP
Lot 40501
1885 5c on 8c Orange with clear double surcharge variety, light cancel, very fine and rare, cert. RPS (1930), ex de Worms (SG £3’750)
Schätzung: 1’000 – 1’200 GBP
Lot 40517
COLLECTIONS: 1857-1947, Mostly used collection in a stockbook with duplication, classics in mixed condition, forged 4d rose unused and used (3) and forged…
Schätzung: 2’400 – 3’000 GBP