5 Lose
Lot 40806
1837 Entire from Mile Gully to Scotland with despatch s/l hs on reverse struck without ink (impression visible), with Kingston cds and Scottish „1/2“ additional…
Schätzung: 100 – 150 GBP
Lot 40807
1860-70 1d, 2d, 4d and 6d imperf. with SPECIMEN ovpts (type D2), mint og (except 1d), generally fine
Schätzung: 70 – 100 GBP
Lot 40808
1916 War Stamp 1/2d green with inverted overprint in block of four tied to piece by Kingston cds, some light toning, cert. Brandon (1998) (SG £600)
Schätzung: 150 – 200 GBP
Lot 40809
COLLECTIONS: 1860-1960, Mint & used collection on small album pages, with a range of the early issues incl. 1870-83 4d and 1883-97 1d blue, later with…
Schätzung: 300 – 400 GBP
Lot 40810
COLLECTIONS: 1860-1964 Old-time mint/unused and used collection of QV to QEII on thirty-nine album pages showing a good deal of completion, including some…
Schätzung: 700 – 1’000 GBP