7 Lose
Lot 40585
1784 Entire to Glasgow backstamped with a fine „Grenada“ (Proud PS2, only recorded 1784-85), „DOVER / SHIP LRE“, London and Edinburgh Bishop Marks, charged…
Schätzung: 800 – 1’000 GBP
Lot 40586
1881 1/2d deep mauve, unused, showing ‚OSTAGE‘ variety, fine & scarce (SG £190)
Schätzung: 50 – 80 GBP
Lot 40587
1883 1/2d to 1s in used tête-bêche pairs (the 2 1/2d, 6d and 8d in blocks of four),1d with indistinct cds and the 1s with indistinct cds and some wrinkling,…
Schätzung: 300 – 500 GBP
Lot 40588
1915 Envelope sent registered from Grenville to Sweden with Red Cross label on reverse, all tied by Grenville type D3 cds, fine
Schätzung: 40 – 60 GBP
Lot 40589
COLLECTIONS: 1861-1965, Mint & used collection on small album pages, with a small range of Chalons incl. 1861-62 1d mint block of four, 1883 1d tête-bêche…
Schätzung: 600 – 800 GBP
Lot 40590
COLLECTIONS: 1861-99 Old-time mint or unused collection of QV on five album pages showing a good deal of completion, including some better values, shades,…
Schätzung: 500 – 800 GBP
Lot 40591
COLLECTIONS: 1902-63 Old-time mint collection of KEVII to QEII on seventeen album pages showing a good deal of completion, including many complete sets…
Schätzung: 400 – 600 GBP