Los 30029 – 1850-51 12 cents black on blue, Townsend Type C & B, the finest „Cotton Reel“ multiple

Los 30029 – 1850-51 12 cents black on blue, Townsend Type C & B, the finest „Cotton Reel“ multiple
British Guiana » 1850 Cotton-Reels (SG 1-8)
Realisierter Preis
65’000 GBP
30’000 – 50’000 GBP
Do. 14 Okt 2021 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)


1850-51, 12 cents black on blue, Townsend Types C & B, horizontal pair showing both thin and thick frames se-tenant, with initials of postal clerk Wight „EDW“, cut octagonally with large to huge margins all round, of exceptional freshness displaying a beautiful brilliant colour, lightly cancelled by Demerara datestamps on 21 March 1851.

We know of the existence of only four 12 cents pairs in private hands, this being unique in absolutely sound condition (the other three have the usual imperfections). If we even compare this pair with the cut-square 12 cents singles, only two (originating from the Webster and Townsend collections) are sound. Its exceptional combination of beauty and rarity make this item one of the great gems of British Guiana and the British Empire: THE FINEST MULTIPLE OF ALL „COTTON REEL“ PRIMITIVES and the only recorded in sound condition among all multiples known. An amazing showpiece.


Philipp von Ferrary (Lot 38, Sale I, June 2021)

Tomasini (Lot 6, Stanley Gibbons, October 1973)

John E. du Pont (Lot 60017, David Feldman SA, June 2014)

Expertise: Cert. BPA (2014)

Katalog-Referenz: SG 5

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