Los 32003 – All World – Topic, Horses: 1515-1898 (ca.) „Rencontre

Los 32003 – All World – Topic, Horses: 1515-1898 (ca.) „Rencontre
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All World – Topic, Horses: 1515-1898 (ca.) „Rencontre Avec le Cheval“ ( Encounter with the Horse), 128pp exhibition collection in five chapters. Features a.o. 1818 Sardinia Cavalli announcement (french edition for Savoy dated 8 Nov 1819) showing strikes of the Cavalli in blue, resp. Nov 1819 announcement of the embossed Cavalli, 1820 embossed Cavalli entire cover, U.S. 1892 fancy cancel „Kicking Mule“ on AR-registered Columbian issue envelope 5c uprated 8c from Port Townsend to Sydney/Australia, 1930 „Gray Horse“ Oklahome reg. cover, entire letters of 17th-19th c. „Carrousel“, „Grand Ecuyer de France“, „Ecuries de SAR le Duc de Berry“, 1908 KEVII „Master of the Horse Royal Mews,, S.W.“ envelope, 1859 Sicily three-colour franking with „Horseshoe“ marks, early covers with horse relay notes of Alessandria 1544 (Charles V), 1515 Vicenza with cito chitissimo ms. , 1579 Venice-London by „Guild of Horse Courirs“, 1870 U.S. Huntsville Alabama fancy cancel cover, 1856 Washington City Dispatch 1c in combination w. state posts 3c to Milford Delaware cover, 1568 (22 Oct) entire letter signed by french King Charles IX, 1857 cover „Overland Mail“ San Francisco-New York on to Bordeaux, 1855 „Messageries Argentinas“ with stagecoach figural mark, 1870 Ballon monte cover from 1st march regt. mixed cavalry in besieged Paris and many more,. Viewing highly recommended.

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