Los 50044 – German States, Hannover – 1860 1/2gr & 1861 10gr, assembly made up of 52 items

Los 50044 – German States, Hannover – 1860 1/2gr & 1861 10gr, assembly made up of 52 items
German States » Hannover
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German States, Hannover – 1860 1/2gr, 1861 10gr & 3pf, assembly made up of 52 items including 1860 1/2gr with one cliché on Pathé celluloid in which Sperati states to have remade the negative in August 1950; the 1861 10gr dominating the presence in this lot with six glass clichés including one very interesting example being almost invisible and in ms „très courte imm.“ denoting that the immersion into water was too short, one in grey with a light exposure of 2 mins 20 secs, one in vermilion with „c. imm.“ for short immersion and 5% of an understandable chemical substance, one in grey dated „1/34“, one very unusually being in green („8/35“) as this colour was not appropriate for the contrast (dated Aug-35 and exposed to light for 3 mins 30 sec), one very rare in negative red with handpainted surround and mounted on an additional glass on black card; two clichés on celluloid, one in white-cream on transparent, the other on Sperati’s appreciated Alpha celluloid from the Ilford brand dated June 1938 (when this English material was available before WWII), as well as two trial exposures on photographic paper; 1861 3pf represented in just one glass cliché with hardly visible impression; the lot has a rich section about cancellations with more than ten different types including four glass clichés (two in negative), four glass clichés, two „burnt“ trial exposures on photo paper, as well as 28 proofs on paper with comments from Sperati and his fingerprints testing inks. A unique and spectacular lot; the B.P.A. mentions some dated negatives for cancellations and omne dated negative for the 1861 10gr, consequently this lot proves previously unknown dates for the reproduction of other Hannover stamps by Sperati.

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