Los 50042 – German States, Bremen – 1855-61 Issues, group of 35 items

Los 50042 – German States, Bremen – 1855-61 Issues, group of 35 items
German States » Bremen
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German States, Bremen – 1855-61 Issues, group of 35 items including three glass clichés featuring one in a vertical pair of the 1856 5sg, a negative glass cliché in a block of four of the1861 5sg annotated „47 Fixe“, as well as a support cliché of the same block dated „2/47“, five clichés on celluloid, one of the 1855 3g, a vertical pair of the 1856 5g as well as a single and two singles of the 7sg, all showing notes of Sperati, also finished reproduction in single’s of the 1856 5g in black and 1861 5sgr in green both signed on the back in pencil by Sperati, two paper essays of the Bremen rectangular boxed pmk, two different marks on one piece and a single impression of the smaller type, the latter with pencil date of „7/43“. a further stock page containing Sperati’s working attempts to reproduce postmarks for ‚Bremen‘, ‚Stuttgart‘, ‚Franco‘ and also ‚Bremen / Bahnhof.‘, including glass reconstruction with hand-cut paper filter comprising three reproductions – 2 types of the Bremen and 1 cds for Stuttgart -, pencil and printed impressions of the Bremen cancel on yellow tracing paper (7), ten pieces of white paper with single and multiple attempts to perfect the cancellations together with cut-outs from auction catalogues of the postmark which have been used to copy/trace, many of these pieces with notes in Sperati’s hand, this type of cancel were also used on Oldenburg stamps, a unique and revealing assembly of Sperati’s work with the most comprehensive group of clichés ever discovered; there was just one celluloid cliché and no glass clichés found in the „Ultimate“ collection; in addition, the Postal Museum in Paris possesses just six clichés or matrices for all German States; the B.P.A. lists only one negative for the 1856 5gr and clichés for the 1861 5sgr in Sperati I.

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