Los 50030 – Colombia, New Grenada – 1861 Issue 1p , Group of 6 items

Los 50030 – Colombia, New Grenada – 1861 Issue 1p , Group of 6 items
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Colombia – 1861 „Nueva Granada“ 1p, including six items with two master negatives on film, the finer impression annotated as „pas terib.“ (not terrible), both with retouches and singularly in red and grey, two negative glass clichés (a rare artifact in the Sperati archive) of which one with comments „pas choisi-fort trop fort“double pellicule- (not chosen-strong too strong-double film) and two trial exposures on photographic paper and designated a & b; a unique lot including matrices which were the foundations for the development of the clichés. No clichés or trial exposures gathered in the postal Museum in Paris or the „Ultimate“ collection); this lot proves, as the B.P.A. presumed (apparently no matrices or clichés included in its collection), that Sperati reproduced Colombia before 1939, as one matrix was designated „Alpha“, a type of celluloid from teh English brand „Ilford“ which the artist used before WWII.

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