Los 50026 – Newfoundland – Group of 156 itemsone reproduction of

Los 50026 – Newfoundland – Group of 156 itemsone reproduction of
Canada » Newfoundland
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Newfoundland – 1857 2d, 4d, 6 1/2d, 8d and 1s issues, group of 156 items, comprising for the 2d value, two retouched painted matrices on film (positive and negative), four glass support clichés in red, light-brown and brown and one negative cliché, five celluloid clichés in green, vermilion, red and black one dated 7/43, for the 4d value one retouched painted matrices on film with notations and dated 12/42, two glass support clichés one in negative, seven celluloid clichés with notations dated 2/43, 5/43, 6/43, two of these have cancellations, shades range from vermilion, red, grey and black, eleven exposure trials on photographic paper in brown with notations, two are used stamps, the 6 1/2d value has four retouched painted matrices on film with extensive notations, two with the date 27/1/12, one with 4/30, five glass support clichés in vermilion one dated 7/32, one celluloid cliché in black, for the 8d value there are sixteen glass support clichés, three of which are negative clichés, one celluloid cliché and one exposure trial on photographic paper in brown and twelve trial essay on white wove paper, three in vermilion, one red and the rest in black, one has the date 2/53, the 1s value with two copper plates which are his attempt to develop a typography printing reproduction with ten essays on pelure paper, two retouched painted matrices on film dated 5/29 with additional notations and one further unpainted dated 3/30, eleven negative glass support clichés one dated 5/29 (corner of glass missing not affecting the design), ten glass support clichés in vermilion, red, white, black and purple-brown, one dated 10/29 three negative celluloid clichés, also there is a Pascal Scheller certificate for one of the clichés, eight celluloid clichés in vermilion, black, grey and red, one dated 12/43, and five trial exposures on photographic paper, other items included are a celluloid of a 6d in brown accompanied by a finished reproduction with a cancel signed on the back, finished reproduction for the 4d (1) in vermilion and 1s (2) in red the latter two signed on the back and a small photo box full of clichés for various cancellation including glass support and celluloid, essays and notations; a unique array of previously unknown clichés and the copper plates which illustrate Sperati attempt to develop a typography printing process, which it seems were not of the required quality and thus his efforts were focused upon his more tradition method of utilising photolithography; there were no copper plates included in the „ultimate“ collection.

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