Los 50010 – Austria – 1858 journal tax stamp 1k, Group of one hand

Los 50010 – Austria – 1858 journal tax stamp 1k, Group of one hand
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12’000 EUR
2’500 EUR
Mi. 7 Dez 2022 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Austria – 1858 Newspaper Tax Stamp 1k and 4k, group of 34 items comprising a retouched painted master on film of the 1kr value -the foundation for the creation of the clichés-, of which there are eleven for this value, including five negative glass clichés, six glass support clichés, with four in black, one in vermilion and one in orange-brown, four with notations incl. one with 5% chemical substance at 2 minutes light exposure at 17°C temperature; seven celluloid clichés, two in blue, one with notation „A1“ and indicating a violet filter was used with 5.5% substance, three in black, one with 6% chemical substance, one in vermilion marked „C.14“ and 6% chemical substance, one negative celluloid, also ten trial working essays in blue and black on white paper, three with two impressions and a vertical strip of three on one piece with notations showing one crossed in red crayon, accompanied by one final reproduction of the 1k value with the violet Sperati hs and numbered 256, three glass support clichés for the 4k incl. two negative (both cracked), one celluloid cliché in a burnt-orange with notations indicating a 5% chemical substance; a unique and remarkable selection of clichés supported by material not previously available in such detail or quantity.

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