Los 50009 – Austria – 1856 Newspaper issue, group of 72 items

Los 50009 – Austria – 1856 Newspaper issue, group of 72 items
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Austria – 1856 Newspaper issue, group of 72 items including nine glass clichés, two of which are negative, the remaining seven being vermilion, brown and black, three with dates including 2/38 and 2/41, eight celluloid clichés, one in orange with notation „Cliché 12/51 calor“ (dated Dec–51 and produced using the „Calor“ lamp), another in red-orange with notation ‚pressed too much‘ and „voile bien“ meaning good, one in a brown-orange marked „c“ with faint part tête-bêche impression below, another in burnt-orange labeled ‚essay 2‘, one a vertical tête-bêche the top in orange marked „X les miens“ meaning the best and below an impression in black, another in black and two in red, four exposure trials on photographic paper, two in olive-green both labeled „21“ one dated 3/42 the other „Type III“, another in brown also with the „21“ and a further on a deeply grey background, also four examples of single white paper with cancellations which are genuine stamps that have been chemically treated to remove the stamp, leaving the cancel which was his method for then printing his reproductions on the correct paper with a genuine pmk, twelve celluloids of various pmks, nine working trial proofs, seven in red-orange (1856 6kr) and two in black, one a vertical piece with a black and red example, six examples on piece with cancels, one a piece with printed text (to simulate newspaper) and a number of trial cancels on paper with notations; a unique and comprehensive assembly of great importance in understanding the development of the reproductions, including the designs of the stamps and the cancellation, with nothing comparable seen before.

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