Los 50007 – Australia, 1913 „Kangaroo“ £2, group of 15 items

Los 50007 – Australia, 1913 „Kangaroo“ £2, group of 15 items
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4’000 EUR
Mi. 7 Dez 2022 at 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Australia, 1913 „Kangaroo“ £2, group of 15 items displaying either the Kangaroo or the frame representing the rest of the design:

Kangaroo: one negative glass support clichés with retouches, dated march and September 1951, the later hand painted on back around the Kangaroo and covering what it would be the rest of the area of the stamps which is delimited in two angles of the cliché, two glass clichés in black the other in brown, and three clichés on three different films (two coloured).

Frame: four glass support clichés in red and black shades which provided the best contrasts, on white and transparent, dated „9/51“, very appealing negative cliché in red on celluloid and two essays on paper, of which one displaying two impressions; as well as one negative cliché with defective impression of a Sidney cds.

A unique and wonderful lot of clichés of this fascinating and popular design; no similar material found in the Postal Museum of Paris or the „Ultimate“ collection.

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