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Great Britain » 1840 Mulreadys & Caricatures
Schätzung: 700 – 1’000 GBP
Auktionsdatum: Tue 21 Sep 2021 at 11:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Auktion: Great Britain Specialised Online Auction
Katalog: Great Britain & British Empire
1840 (Jul 3) 1d Mulready lettersheet, forme 1 stereo A1, with „Economical Life“ advertisement inside, sent from London to Portsmouth and neatly cancelled by a crisp London „8“ Maltese Cross, addressed to a Lieut. Bunce serving on HMS „Tyne“, however the ship had sailed and the letter was forwarded free of charge to Cork to catch up with the ship, backstamped with London, Portsmouth, Dublin and Cork date stamps for JY. 3-7 1840, a most unusual and rare usage (SG Spec. MA32ac).