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1871–1965, One man’s extensive collection with strong classics from the first large tigers onwards and with an abundance of postal history especially in the 19th century, all written-up in an album. Highlights include 1871 tigers from 30mm diameter 1sh black used (Scott #1), 1873 1sh black with ornaments on cover (#10) and 1sh black without ornaments also on cover (#11) plus unused examples with positions identified, followed by 1874 1ab unused pair (#12), 1875 1ab brown violet unused (#18), 1876 1 rupee violet unused affixed to rice paper (#28), etc. Then the small tigers from 1876 onwards, incl. 1877 and 1878 issues on four covers, the 1881-90 watercolour issues with 16 examples on cover incl. 1 rupee violet on white paper as well as values in red on yellow paper,through to the first Kingdom of Afghanistan issues of 1891 with 1ab on cover tied by large red cancel (#177), through to extensive mosque gate issues on coloured pelure papers, leading on to strong 20th century including 1908 1r imperf between pair mint (#204c), 1909 2ab sheet corner imperf block of four mint (#208a, stamps NH), interesting parcel posts study incl. 3sh bistre imperf pair (#Q1a), etc. followed by comprehensive sets through to the1960s. A delightful collection with many valuable items, viewing highly recommended (100’s)
505.050.010: Persia. General issues. 1925-1941 Reza Shah Pahlavi (Persiphila 700-962) (SG 602-O849)