Los 40893 – 1874-98 The „Enevelope“ Issues important specialised

Los 40893 – 1874-98 The „Enevelope“ Issues important specialised
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Mi. 11 Dez 2019 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

1874-98 The „Envelope“ Issues important specialised collection on cancellations housed in five albums, all ordered by province with Hungary-proper, Austria, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Poland and Fiume, also important sections of Czechoslovakia and Romania, the latter section with cancellations from the regions of ALSO-FEHER, ARAD, BESZTERCE-NASZOD, BIHAR, BRESSO, CSANAD, CSIK, FOGARAS, HAROMSCEK, HUNYAD, KIS-KÜKÜLLO, KOLOZS, KRASSO-SZORENY, MARAMAROS, MAROS-TORDA, NAGY-KUKULLO, SZATMAR, SZEBEN, SZILAGY, SZOLNOK-DOBOKA, TEMES, TORDA, TORONTAL, UDVARHELY and USOCSA, see enclosed list showing a total of 5’739 stamps, gen. fine

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