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Wed 11 Dec 2019 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Austria: 1850-1919, A fabulous lot of Austria, Lombardy Venetia, Levant, Occupations Issues as well as Lichtenstein and Hungary (incl. Occupation issues) in a filled stockbook, mint & used, with sets throughout incl.1908 to 10kr, 1910 to 10kr, some imperfs, postage dues, Lichtenstein with 1912 set incl. both better 25h, Lombardy Venetia with two covers and a range of cancels on singles and multiples, Levant with a good range of use, 1908 mint imperf. set, Crete, Venezia Giulia overprints 1918 to 3kr (2k & 3kr cert. Sorani), Trentino 1918 set to 4kr (group cert. Sorani), „POCZTA POLSKA“ overprints, Ukraine overprints, Czech overprints incl. „POSTA CESKOSLOVENSKA“, etc., plus an album of 45 unused postal stationery items, a great lot (STC €36’000+)