Lot 51001
1985 BASKETBALL 80Q in marginal mint nh block of 4 with MISSING BLACK PRINT resulting in missing country inscription and value tablet, very fine & scarce
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 51007
1850 9Kr Blue, Handpaper, Type III, horizontal block of eight cancelled RECOMMANDIRT/ WIEN / 25/8 185.., touched at bottom and left, also two small tears,…
Schätzung: 320 EUR
Lot 51017
1996 UNITED NATIONS VIENNA office: 1S definitive (UN – flag) in 8 IMPERFORATE progressive colour proofs, each in strip of 6 , MNH, scarce & decorative…
Schätzung: 120 EUR
Lot 51031
Austria » Austria Collections and Lots
1854-1965 Lot of mostly fiscals + various vignettes, MNH, hinged, unused or mostly used, noted some blocks of four and never hinged fiscals
Schätzung: 100 – 200 EUR
Lot 51037
Austria » Austria Collections and Lots
2002-17 Dealer’s stockbook with Euro issues only, in order by years, mostly used, but noted many special prints, imperfs., black prints, flower stamps…
Schätzung: 150 – 250 EUR
Lot 51070
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1879-1918, One man’s outstanding lifetime collection, particularly strong in back of the book. Much is well displayed mostly on album pages, as well as…
Schätzung: 4’000 – 5’000 EUR
Lot 51076
1941-45 Selection of varieties on 4 A3 stockcards with proofs, engraver signs, plate errors, double perfs and 8 1941/42 landscape specialties with certs…
Schätzung: 280 EUR
Lot 51084
1918-93, Accumulation on A4 stockcards & album pages including Bohemia & Moravia, some Slovakia, noted medium better sets and values 1920s to 1950s, MNH,…
Schätzung: 150 – 300 EUR
Lot 51141
France » Guerre
1942 LVF (+10F) avec surcharge FRONT DE L’EST OSTFRONT en bloc de 6 avec une variété sur 4 timbres : grande tâche verte, neuf sans ch., TB
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 51175
Germany » Germany Collections and Large Lots
1941-45, Mostly mint collection of Occupation issues incl. Montenegro, France, Austria, Channel Islands, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Serbia,…
Schätzung: 200 – 400 EUR
Lot 51176
Germany » Germany Collections and Large Lots
1939-45, General Gouvernement mint & used collections (concurrent) on Lighthouse pages, plus fragments, multiples with marginal imprints, forged Hitler…
Schätzung: 150 – 300 EUR
Lot 51196
Greece » Large Hermes Heads » 1861 Paris print
THE FAMOUS IMPRINT BLOCK OF TWENTY-FIVE20L blue, mint with original gum as issued, bottom right corner marginal inscription BLOCK OF TWENTY FIVE, showing…
Schätzung: 80’000 – 100’000 EUR
Lot 51207
Greece » Large Hermes Heads » 1862-67 2nd Athens print
2L brown-bistre in a very fresh unmounted mint block of four, ex Guirea Lea
Schätzung: 85 EUR
Lot 51208
Greece » Large Hermes Heads » 1862-67 2nd Athens print
2L deep grey-bistre in a mint corner block of 16 with control cachet (ELEGHOS) on the back, two stamps mint and the rest unmounted, very fine, ex. Guirea…
Schätzung: 180 EUR
Lot 51217
Greece » Large Hermes Heads » 1862-67 2nd Athens print Later prints
1L light greyish brown in marginal mint block of 15, good to large margins, very fine, ex Guirea Lea
Schätzung: 360 EUR
Lot 51218
Greece » Large Hermes Heads » 1868-69 Cleaned plates
1L red-brown, mint nh sheet marginal block of four, very fine
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 51257
Greece » Collections
1861-1930 Cca. Duplication on A4 stockcards of mostly Large Hermes Heads incl. used and hinged and strips & blks fom mixed to superb condition, a few with…
Schätzung: 200 – 400 EUR
Lot 51265
Crete » Crete Russia administration province Rethymnon
1899 Provisional handstamp issue complete mint set of block of four, very fine and scarce
Schätzung: 200 – 300 EUR
Lot 51270
1850-1981, Large duplication on stockpages + a collection on album leaves (incl. a few specialized sections and 2 pages with Austrian forerunners), mint…
Schätzung: 150 – 300 EUR
Lot 51273
1919-1921, OCCUPATION ISSUES of ARAD, BANAT, BACSKA, DEBRECEN, SZEGED, TEMESVAR, WESTERN HUINGARY etc. in 3 partly specialized collections with varieties,…
Schätzung: 200 – 400 EUR
Lot 51287
Italian States » Lombardy Venetia
1864-65 Issue – Specialized group of 2so and 3so MNH blks of 4 of the 1887 reprint showing 2so blk with inverted watermark, also 3so blk of 4 with horizontal…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 51292
Italian States » Naples
1858 1/2gr Rose Lake, plate I, BLOCK OF FOUR cancelled by boxed ANNULLATO on small piece, very fine & scarce, cret. Sorani (Sass. €35’000)
Schätzung: 2’000 EUR
Lot 51313
Italian States » Papal States
1867 3c Pink grey mint block of four, original gum with hinge remnant, faults incl. tear and pinhole on lower left stamp, a very rare multiple, cert. Sorani…
Schätzung: 1’500 EUR
Lot 51319
Italian States » Papal States
1868 40c YELLOW, mint block of six, the real yellow shade and not the lemon-yellow, slight hinge trace at top, otherwise never hinged, second row shows…
Schätzung: 2’000 EUR
Lot 51338
Italian States » Sicily
1859 Attractive and valuable assembly of unused and used singles and multiples, plus a fine array of covers, including 1/2gr. unused single and used vertical…
Schätzung: 20’000 – 30’000 EUR
Lot 51352
1863 (15c) Black, Proof block of 25 showing effigie without text nor value, no gum, very fine and scarce, cert. Sorani
Schätzung: 2’000 EUR
Lot 51368
1889 5c Dark Green mint block of six, with two stamps on the left with small paper adherence, remaining a block of four mint nh, stamp on the right with…
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 51380
1926 “Volo Transpolare“, the Amundsen – Nobile – Ellsworth perforated vignette in block of four with official cachet on reverse, mint nh, very fine
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 51401
Italy » Aegean Islands
1932 High value 100L Dante Alighieri in MNH margin block of 10, superb, (Sassone Aero no. 21, €750++)
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 51405
Italy » Italian Post Offices Abroad » Italian Post Albania
1907 10pa on 5c Green in two mint nh blocks of 25 from the lower left and lower right of the sheet with margins, very fine (Sassone €3’500)
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 51413
Italy » Italy Fiume
1918-23 Small but interesting selection of varieties, noted overprint offsets, IMPERFORATES on one side, mostly fine to very fine, ex Dr.Brom
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 51416
Italy » Italy Fiume
1919 Definitives 40C brown on semi-transparent paer (carta B) in vertical pair and block of 4 IMPERFORATE horizontal + vertical (blk) + 2Cor cobalt-blue…
Schätzung: 300 EUR
Lot 51419
Italy » Italy Fiume
1919 Definitives 2C cobalt-blue on white good quality paper (carta C) in horizontal strip of 4 and margin strip of 3 IMPERFORATE vertical + block of 4…
Schätzung: 120 EUR
Lot 51439
Italy » Italy Fiume
1827-1924 Old-time postal history & covers exhibition collection on 71 album pages + 16 album pages with proper FIUME values and sets + 4 A4 stockcards,…
Schätzung: 500 – 1’000 EUR
Lot 51455
Italy » Vatican State
1934 Provisional 1.30 on 1.25 Lire, proof of surcharge in mint nh block of four, a stunning exhibition showpiece and a major Vatican rarity, apparently…
Schätzung: 34’000 – 40’000 EUR
Lot 51456
Italy » Vatican State
1934 Provisionals 40c on 80c to L3.70 on L10 overprints set in mint never hinged blocks of four in pristine condition, as fresh as the day they were printed…
Schätzung: 3’000 EUR
Lot 51482
Italian Colonies » Italian Eastern Africa
1941 A.O.I. Airmails: Unissued 1L Mussolini/Hitler in MNH corner block of 4, (Sassone Aero no.20, €3200+)
Schätzung: 500 EUR
Lot 51491
Italian Colonies » Italian Libya
1924 Pictorials 50c Black and olive, CENTRE INVERTED, in never hinged marginal block of four, very fine and extremely rare, cert. Colla (Sass. € 28’000…
Schätzung: 5’000 EUR
Lot 51511
1932 For the Youth complete set in used blocks of 4, stains but scarce (SBK CHF 640)
Schätzung: 100 EUR
Lot 51520
1960 EUROPA 50Rp in mint nh block of 4 and single (SBK CHF375)
Schätzung: 40 EUR
Lot 51540
1898-1923 Wilhemina 10g orange top marginal block of four with central Amsterdam cds, top margin with hinge stain on front and held in place by hinge,…
Schätzung: 700 EUR
Lot 51550
1925 Polar Bear set in blocks of 4, mint nh, very fine (SEK 5’600)
Schätzung: 300 EUR
Lot 51590
1858-1864, Lot of classic values only, incl. 1858 54p used & 2 blocks of 4, mixed
Schätzung: 1’000 – 1’500 EUR
Lot 51599
Russia » Russia Imperial 1889-92 Twelfth Issue Arms (St. 57-65)
3R50 & 7R RUSSIAN FINLAND, horizontal laid paper, each in MNH corner margin blocks of 4, very fine and fresh, rare
Schätzung: 700 EUR
Lot 51600
1902-04 3 1/2r and 7r collection on leaves with duplicated ranges including mint multiples, extensive used selection with cancel interest, fine (428 stamps)
Schätzung: 400 EUR
Lot 51623
Russia » RSFSR 1918-23
1923 UNISSUED 1R & 2R in complete sheets of 4 x 25, MNH, some creases, some tears in margin, fine to very fine
Schätzung: 150 – 250 EUR
Lot 51630
Russia » Soviet Union
1927 14k Esperanto – Small lot with and without watermark incl. 1 blk of 4, noted a 14k with watermark corner example imperf with shifted portrait and…
Schätzung: 180 EUR
Lot 51632
Russia » Soviet Union
1927 14k Esperanto IMPERFORATE on gummed paper without watermark in corner margin block of 4, left pair mint hinge remainder, right pair MNH – hinge remainder…
Schätzung: 4’000 EUR
Lot 51636
Russia » Soviet Union
1929-1932 Selection on the definitives 1R & 3R incl. IMPERFORATE 1R mint hinged (2, incl. 1 with plate error) and divers other specialities, very fine,…
Schätzung: 150 EUR
Lot 51638
Russia » Soviet Union
1931-1932 Definitives IMPERFORATE 1R dark blue in block of 4, used as usual with central cto postmark, very fine, Standard 0285, Zverev & Gilmanov 288,…
Schätzung: 100 EUR