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1858-1998, Most extensive and specialised collection of Uruguay housed in 5 stockbooks and three smaller-size boxes, great strength in the classic period showing an astonishing selection of the different Montevideo SUNS, noted six examples from the 1858 Large Figures issue including used 120c and used 240c, 1859/60 Thin and Large figure issues with 12 covers and 147 singles, highlights include superb 120c addressed to Rutino de Elizades, other 120c thin figures with cert. Diaz, bisect of 120c thick figures with cert. Moorhouse, various pairs and blocks of four incl. 80c, 180c and superb 240c thin figures with cert. Diaz, one Sperati forgery, various plate reconstruction attempts of the 60c, 100c, showing the different types, shades and cancellations, then strong coat-of-arms section replete with covers and multiples, noted rare 1864 10c ochre on cover, 1866 numerals including covers to France and to Italy, the latter with Italian postage dues, later sets and singles with group of „Artigas“ unissued proofs, various imperforate in-between pairs throughout, also some min.sheets, good airs including several 25 AGOSTO 1925 covers, section of Waterlow and Sons 1929-43 „Pegasus“ imperforate and punched printer’s proofs, and much more, an amazing holding and a good basis for expansion