Los 53354 – 1847-1950, Extensive and valuable mint & used collection

Los 53354 – 1847-1950, Extensive and valuable mint & used collection
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1847-1950, Extensive and valuable mint & used collection of USA housed in six „White Ace“ albums, showing great strength in the classic and semi-classic periods, remarkable items throughout include 1847 #1 and #2, good margins with the latter on piece (cert. PSE), used 1851-57 1c (#7 in single and pair), 5c #12, 10c type I #13, 1857-66 12c pair #36, 24c #37, 3c perf. 12 on cover with PSE cert. #64, then higher values up to the 90c #72, 1867 issue to 90c, 1869 Pictorials to 90c, then important section of 1892 Columbus issue with several values graded 90 including the $5 top value with PSAG certificate, other better sets and singles include 1898 Transmississippi set used, 1901 Pan-American set, both mint and used, 1902-03 Presidents including $5 #313 with PSE certificate, then superb 1906-08 5c with plate number in bottom margin (PSE cert. with XF90 grade), later years replete with better sets and singles including rare 1915 2c with watermark 190, impressive section of 1916-18 Pres. Washington coil stamps with gradings between an 85 and 95!, mostly in pairs, 1917-20 issue with several of the $2 and $5 values, later years replete with items with grading 90 or 95, many plate blocks, then section of special delivery stamps, extensive airmail section with practically all certified stamps graded 90 or 95!, the 95 grades incl. #C3 with plate number at top, #C7, #C8, #C9,#C10, #C11 and #C12, also #C18, section includes 1930 Zeppelins, plus some pre-stamp incl. St.Thomas cover to New York, some Hawaii postal history, Wells Fargo covers, #64 on cover, etc., generally fine to very fine, a great lot

1857 5c Blue, Thin White Wove (8). Full to large margins including right sheet margin, clear at top, tied

by “Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Sep. 8” (1857) circular datestamp, used with United States 1851

12c Black (17), large margins including left interpane margin with centerline, both stamps tied by “San

Francisco Cal. Oct. 5, 1857” circular datestamp on buff cover to J. T. McMurran at Natchez Miss., docketing

indicates sender was Thomas M. Jordan, slight edgewear, Extremely Fine, carried on British bark

Sebastopol (depart Sep. 8, arrive Sep. 29), PMSC Golden Gate left on Oct. 5 but returned with broken shaft,

Golden Age took the Panama mail (depart Oct. 11, arrive Oct. 24), carried to New York on USMSC Star of

the West (depart Oct. 24, arrive Nov 4), signed Ashbrook, ex Krug and Haas…

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