December 2018 Auction Series – 3/12/2018 – 7/12/2018

8 Lose
Lot 53340
United States » 1893 Columbus Issue
5$ black, mint hinge traces (hinge taken off), reperf. (at right) and some perf. holes redone, rare, Scott US$ 2300, Yvert classics 1910 E 3000
Schätzung: 200 EUR
Lot 53343
United States » 1917-23 Washington Franklin Issue
1920 2c Carmine, type VII, imperforate, mint bottom marginal example, only lightly hinged, fresh deep shade, EXTREMELY FINE and rare, grade 95, cert. PSE…
Schätzung: 1’000 EUR
Lot 53346
United States » USA Possessions » Hawaii
1853 5c Blue and 13c dark red, both mint with good clear margins all around and original gum, fresh shades, the 5c is signed Gebr. Senf, Leipzig, very…
Schätzung: 800 EUR
Lot 53352
United States » Collections
1839-1995, Large accumulation of covers and cards including some early portrait issues, plus a range of later material incl. year issues, more modern covers,…
Schätzung: 300 – 500 EUR
Lot 53354
United States » Collections
1847-1950, Extensive and valuable mint & used collection of USA housed in six „White Ace“ albums, showing great strength in the classic and semi-classic…
Schätzung: 12’000 – 20’000 EUR
Lot 53355
United States » Collections
1851-1995, Attractive mint and used collection in eight stockbooks replete with sets and singles ranging from classics to modern issues, better items noted…
Schätzung: 1’000 – 1’500 EUR
Lot 53356
United States » Collections
1861-64, Specialised CONFEDERATE STATES collection neatly mounted on pages in one album, good selection of the 1861-62 issue with mostly Jefferson Davis…
Schätzung: 1’200 – 2’000 EUR
Lot 53362
United States » Collections
1900-80ca, Small estate in nine stockbooks and seven folders, better FDCs, stamps in complete sheets, plate blocks, etc.
Schätzung: 500 – 800 EUR