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1861 Folded letter with repaired tear and missing a small corner portion of a sideflap written in English and addressed to Constantinople from Aegean port of VOLOS (then Ottoman Empire, ceded to Greece in 1878). Taken by ROPiT ship on Mediterranean Coast Slow Line, framed datestamp applied in blue with COMPAGNIE RUSSE at top and VOLOS below (Tchil. Type 1). Last two digits of year omitted, figures ’20‘ and ‚8‘ representing the day and month in New Style (Gregorian) calendar or day in New Style and Old Style (Julian) calendars respectively. framed P.P. applied in blue alongside (Port Payé = Postage Paid) (Tchil. Type 2). Original of illustrations in Tchilinghirian & Stephen „Stamps of the Russian Empire used Abroad“ Pt. 2 (1958) pp. 137-8 from „single cover known“. Ex Franz See collection. Cert. Guy du Vachat (2010)