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1860 Folded letter written in Greek from Mersina, on the Ottoman coast of Asia Minor to Syra (Greece) showing rectangular handstamp of the Russian Company for Steam Shipping and Trade (ROPiT) with inscription in French „COMPAGNIE RUSSE 18(6)0 2 4 MERSINE“ in blue with figure ‚4‘ (for month) reversed and space for ‚6‘ in year filled by solid square. P.P. (Port Payé) 20 in red ink, repeated in red crayon, indicating that postage had been prepaid. Manuscript instructions in French „Paquebot de la Compagnie Russe“ for conveyance by ROPiT ship, Syra arrival backstamp, red oval Greek UPERTHALASSIA (by sea) on front. stated to be unique on complete cover, ex Liphschutz. Recorded S.D.Tchilinghirian BJRP No. 30 (1962), p.14, fig. 48