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1859 Complete outer lettersheet (part of the written text is removed) sent to Constantinople, originally mailed at the French P.O. on the Aegean Island of MYTILENE, franked with France 1853-61 10c + 40c (outer frameline just touched) tied by lozenge of dots ‚3771‘ with complementary cds METELIN TURQUIE 12 Juil. 59 and boxed PD, both in black. French stamps invalidated by pen cross and letter transferred to Russian (ROPiT) Agency where framed handstamp applied in blue: COMPAGNIE RUSSE/METELIN 1 7 1859 (Old Style date). Manuscript notation P.P.K. 15 (Port Payé 15 kopecks). Presumably transferred from the French office when it was realised that the Russian (ROPiT) vessel was the first to call at Mytilene. No previous record of the ROPiT Mytilene handstamp . Ex Liphschutz. Cert. J-F Brun (2009). Recorded Tchilinghirian BJRP 30 (1962)